Top Social Media Web Site 2016 ?

Top Social Media Web Site 2016 ?

2016 was an excellent year for social media sites. The concepts behind “social networking” aren’t anything new – ever since there have been humans. We have been looking for ways to connect, network and promote with one another – but they’ve taken on an entirely new meaning (and momentum) in the digital age. Where we used to have handshakes, word-of-mouth referrals, and stamped letters. Today’s relationships are often begun and developed on LinkedIn, Google +, and Facebook. Instagram active use grew by 23 percent. Even Monica Lewinsky became active on Twitter after her compelling speech at the Forbes Under 30 Summit.

Are you wondering what 2016 might look like for social media marketing?

Top Social Media Web Site 2016

Top Social Media Web Site 2016

If the changes in 2015 are an indicator, there will be a lot more changes in 2016.
Social media is considered to be a central part of life today. Whether it is amongst friends, family or even companies. Different types of social media such as Facebook, YouTube or Twitter give users the opportunity to post opinions, reactions, news and share them with the online community. New types of social media are released each year that pertain to a certain audience. and as a result, the total number of users of social media increases yearly.

As of 2013, it was projected that there would be a total of 1.61 billion social network users in the world. Indicating that more than half of the world’s internet users actively interacts with the online community. The use of these social media websites of course varies worldwide based on internet availability, which differs worldwide. Based on a study in August 2013, the majority of social media users worldwide are located in East Asia. Making up a total of 37 percent of the global usage rate followed by North America with 11 percent.

Mobile phone and smartphones have played a significant role in the development of social media, primarily due to easy access through apps. Mobile phones have become the primary method to access social media, especially for those who do not have a PC. As of fourth quarter 2013, Facebook was the most popular mobile social app with 69 global reach.
The statistic shows the market share of the most popular social media sites in the United States in March 2016, based on market share of visits. Twitter is ranked fourth with 3.1 percent of all U.S. social media site visits. Market leader Facebook accounted for 53.4 percent of all social media site.

Below are the top 8 social media sites as of 2016


Considered to be synonymous with “social media” by some, Facebook is the one site where you’re likely to find friends, colleagues, and relatives all floating around. Although Facebook is mainly centered around sharing photos, links, and quick thoughts of a personal nature, individuals can also show their support to brands or organizations by becoming fans
900,000,000 – Estimated Unique Monthly Visitors

100,000,000 – Estimated Unique Monthly Visitors


Perhaps the simplest of all social media platforms, Twitter also just happens to be one of the most fun and interesting. Messages are limited to 140 characters or less, but that’s more than enough to post a link, share an image, or even trade thoughts with your favorite celebrity or influencer. Twitter’s interface is easy to learn and use, and setting up a new profile only takes minutes. 310,000,000 – Estimated Unique Monthly Visitors


As a video sharing service, YouTube has become so popular that its catalog of billions and billions of videos has become known as “the world’s second-largest search engine” in some circles. The site has everything from first-person product reviews to promotional clips and “how-two” instruction on virtually any topic or discipline. Users have the ability to share, rate, and comment on what they see.


One of the only mainstream social media sites that’s actually geared towards business, LinkedIn is to cyberspace what networking groups once were to local business communities. It’s great for meeting customers, getting in touch with vendors, recruiting new employees, and keeping up with the latest in business or industry news. If it matters to your company or career, you can probably do it on LinkedIn.

255,000,000 – Estimated Unique Monthly Visitors


Social media’s big up-and-comer has really arrived over the past few years. By combining the best of Facebook and Twitter into one site – and backing it by the power of the world’s largest search engine, Google has given users a social site that has a little something for everyone. You can add new content, highlight topics with hashtags, and even separate contacts into circles. And, a G+ profile only takes a few minutes to get set up.
120,000,000 – Estimated Unique Monthly Visitors


This platform is different form many others in that it essentially hosts microblogs for its users. Individuals and companies, in turn, can fill their blogs with multimedia (like images and short video clips). The fast-paced nature of Tumblr makes it ideal for memes, GIF’s, and other forms of fun or viral content.
110,000,000 – Estimated Unique Monthly Visitors


Serving as a giant virtual idea and inspiration board, Pinterest has made a huge impact on social media in the last few years. Especially popular with women and the do-it-yourself crowd, it lets you share pictures, creative thoughts, or (especially) before-and-after pictures of projects that others can pin, save, or duplicate.
250,000,000 – Estimated Unique Monthly Visitors

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